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Pool & Spa Chemicals


Pool & Spa Chemicals

Our Shop has a Full Range of Pool & Spa Chemicals for all your needs. We recommend the AquaHealth & World Famous Lo-Chlor Range.

Chemicals we carry include:


Granular Chlorine Super 650
2kg, 4kg, 10kg, and 40kg

Granular Chlorine Concentrate 100% soluble
2 kg, 4 kg

Giant Chlorine Tables
1kg, 2kg, and 10kg

Liquid Chlorine
20 Litres

Pool Shock

Balancing Chemicals:

(Total Alkalinity Increaser) 2kg, 4kg, 10kg, and 25kg

(Sunscreen) 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg

pH Increaser

pH Decreaser
(Dry Acid) 1kg & 3kg

Hydrochloric Acid
5 Litres & 20 Litres

Non-Fume Acid
15 Litres (Ideal for Chemi-Gems)




Algatrol Concentrate 1 litre
(Great Preventitive Algaecide)

LCC Pool Algaecide
2.5 litre (Budget Algaecide)

Black Algatrol 1 litre
( For Stubborn Algae Problems)

Lo-Chlor Winteriser
500 ml (Treats 60,000 liters for 3 months

Starver 1 litre& 2.5 liter
(Removes Phosphates Algae Food)


Pool Salt:

Quality Pool Salt
25 kg Bags
(Low in Calcium &Minerals)



Specialty Chemicals:

Stain Removers:

Muliti Stain Remover
1kg, 2 kg & 5 kg
(Great for leaf & metal stains)

1 kg (Great for Scum Stains)

Black Spot Remover
1 kg (Great for Blackspots in fiberglass pools


Spa Chemicals:

Ultra Shock 500 gm ( To shock Spa water)

Bromine Tablets 500gm, 1kg & 2kg

Spa Start & Balance 1kg, 25kg (Initial Balance of Spa in a Jar)

Nature II Spa Sticks ( Bromine alternative, Last 4 months, silky smooth on skin with no chemical smells)

Insparation Fragrance (Over 40 different Fragrances to choose from)

Spa Jet Vac
(One of our best sellers to vacuum your Spa)



Aquashine 1 litre
(Great for cloudy pools to bring back the sparkle)

Pura Blue Clarifier
1 litre (Great buget clarifier)

Clear Pool Cubes
(Sparkle up cloudy & dull water)

Supa Floc
1 litre (Best floc on the market for ultra cloudy & green pools)




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