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Sand Filter:

Stroud Reliance MKIII Sand Filters
offer exceptional strength & resistance
to chemical & corrosion via the fiberglass winding design and have improved water flow via the heavy duty six way multi port valve and lateral assembly for ultra pure water filtration.
10 Year Tank Warranty
Model 20 (20 inch)
Model 24 (24 inch)
Model 28 (28 inch)


Cartridge Filter:

Stroud P4 Cartridge Filters are manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials available for long life and durability. The Compact, Low profile design provides exceptional strength and enables simple installation.
10 Year Tank Warranty
Models: P4 100 Square FT
Models: P4 150 Square FT
Models: P4 200 Square FT



Waterco Thermoplastic Sand Filters:

Incorporating the latest advances in thermoplastic technology.Waterco's thermoplastic Sand Filters features a Polmer mix that's abrasion proof for lasting performance and protection from weather condtions.

10 Year Tank Warranty
Sizes: 20 inch - 28 inch


Waterco Micron Sand Filters:

Micron sand Filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology. These Sand Filters have been put through accelerated cyclic testing and has shown that even after a simulation of 20 years use. The filter tank withstood cyclic wear and tear better than most other filters in its class.

10 Year Warranty
Sizes: 24 inch- 32 inch


Trimline Cartridge Filters:

Constructed from high impact polyproplene.
Waterco's Trimline filters will give years of trouble free service. This type of filtration system is ideal for spa's but also for pools where backwashing may not be practical

Models: 50 sqft, 75 sqft, 100 sqft