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Stroud Power Plus

Stroud Power Plus Heavy Duty Pumps
offer exceptional performance and reliability.
3 Year Warranty
Models: 3/4 Hp - 2 Hp available


ESPA Silent Series

ESPA Silent Series Pumps are extremely
quiet, compact & engineered for
maximum output with low energy consumption.

3 Year Warranty
Models: 3/4 Hp - 1.5 Hp available


Aquamite Pool & Spa Pump

The Aquamite pump has been designed for the
smalll to medium pools, above ground pools
and small recirculation systems including
ornamental ponds and small water features.

Models: 0.5hp-1.25hp
2 Year Warranty



Supa Tuf Pool Pump

The Supa Tuf pump is a High Flow Energy Efficient
pump designed for the mid to large
domestic swimming pool application.

Models: 0.75hp - 3.5hp
2 Year Warranty